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Welcome to PAZZING

Creating a new generation of AR games for smartphones!

At PAZZING, we believe in using technology and gaming as a facilitator for social interaction, creativity, physical activity, and cognitive development - while simultaneously delivering great gaming experiences. We allow mobile gamers to use their cooperative and competitive skills to solve geolocated AR challenges and puzzles, similar to "digital treasure hunts".

We’re now expanding our team to further accelerate our development, and we’re looking for you – a skilful candidate to take a key part in developing and marketing our game platform.

As passionate gamers and creatives ourselves, we have experienced how gaming and content creation can be valuable far beyond entertainment. For us, gaming and creativity have been an integral part of growing up: enabling us to unleash our playfulness, learn about making complex strategic choices, improve logical reasoning, learn foreign languages, develop skills in efficient teamwork, as well as connecting with people and cultures across the world. In other words, gaming, creativity, and content creation played a key part in shaping our childhoods; and now, we’re aiming to give the next generation of people the same opportunities to enjoy the benefits of gaming and content creation as we once did (and still do).

Join us and embark on our mission to rethink how gaming, creativity and technology can be used to let anyone create fun and meaningful gaming experiences, socialize, by physically active, and engage with friends and family in solving brain-fueling cognitive puzzles.

If you find this interesting, send us an application and get onboard our mission now!

Feel free to check out our website at https://playpazzing.com/.